Q: Can I send all the registration forms in one email?

A: It is all dependant on your organisation's policies. You MUST get a response from us to confirm receipt of your email, if you didn't, then it didn't arrive in our mailbox. You can try and send smaller emails that might not be blocked by your organisation.

Q: Can the teachers share the 3 days eg one teacher come on one day and one night then a new teacher do the next days?

A: Yes, it can be shared. We would need the medical forms for all the teachers going with a clear itinerary of who was attending what specific day and night. 

Q: Can a teacher book a place for her students in the camp and then send the paperwork? 
A:  No, a teacher cannot book a place for their school. Teachers can help their students by ensuring that all their paperwork is together and fully completed. When they have all their paperwork ready- scan it and send it through to the email address. Don't forget to send in your own medical paperwork as the accompanying teacher.

Q:  We are struggling to get to your school... our students and school don't have the funds to hire a bus .... any ideas?
A:  Goulburn has a station, why not travel by train- it may save your school or students money. Trinity can provide a bus to pick you and your students up. This should help reduce your costs with transport. 

Q: Do you need a risk assessment matrix?
A: Just email and we can send it through. 

Q: What is a Wild Card Application?

A: This is an individual application for a student whose school is unable to send an accompanying teacher.

Q: Can a school send in a bulk grouping as Wild Card applicants?

A: No, they cannot, because the wild card is open to all schools and all children. This would not be fair or equitable.

Q: Will there be anymore Wild Card opportunities?

A: There may be... but we are unable to tell. The Wild Card opportunity has only been made available because a teacher has volunteered to supervise 10 other children. This teacher is also prepared to sleep over and undertake all supervision requirements.

Q: How will I know if I have been accepted as a Wild Card?

A: You will receive an confirmation email

Q: What if I miss out? Will I know?

A: Yes, you will receive an email stating that you have been placed on a waiting list.

Q: Can schools help children who wish to register themselves as Wild Card applicants?

A: They can help scan your information sheets and permission notes- but that is really all.

Q: Can I ( or my family) scan in my own forms and permission slip and send them in?

A: Yes.

Q: Do I need to get the permission of my school to be a Wild Card?

A: No, but you should ask your parents/carers to let your Principal know so that they can promote that you have received a place on the Camp.. It is also good manners to let your Principal know what is happening?

Q: Will I know who the Wild Card Teacher is?

A: The identify of that teacher will not be known to students, until the Camp begins.

Q: If I am a Wild Card 'person' does that mean I have to stay with the Wild Card Teacher?

A: For some activities, yes at other times, you will be working with other students and other teachers.

Q: How will you work out who is going to be accepted as a Wild Card?

A: It will only be based on ONE criteria- first in! In other words, the first 10 students to put in their completed forms will get in. So, it is a race to get in.... Good Luck Wild Card kids!