General Info

Camp details are given below:

DATES:                         28th -30th September, 2017 (during the September school holidays)

VENUE:                        Trinity Catholic College

                                    Corner of College and Clinton Streets

                                    Goulburn NSW  2580

COST:                          This camp is FREE! This includes a set menu, accommodation, activities 

                                    and supervision.

TIME START:                 8:30am registration sign in for 9:00am start on 28th September, 2017. All campers 

                                    and leaders must be signed in by an adult. 

TIME FINISHED:           All campers and leaders are to be signed out by an adult at 2:30pm 

                                    30th September 2017.

SIGN IN & OUT:           The sign in and sign out procedure will take place in The Great Hall at 

                                    Trinity Catholic College.

PARKING ACCESS:    Addison Street Entrance. Parking behind the Great Hall with overflow 

                                    parking available on Oval 6.

TRANSPORT:               Campers and leaders make their own way to and from the venue.

WHAT TO BRING:       Following is a list of clothing and items that all people participating in the 

                                   camp will need. Due to the indoor and outdoor nature of the activities, 

                                   campers will need to bring casual comfortable clothing.  Please note that all 

                                    items brought to camp MUST be labeled with your child’s name.

*   1 pair of shorts

*   3 t-shirts (No midriff /  


*   2 pairs of long pants/jeans

*   2 long sleeve shirts/jumpers/jerseys

*   underwear

*   socks

*   hat/cap

*   pyjamas

*   1 towel

*   1 warm jacket (for night outdoor


*    beanie (if weather is cold)

*   1 small torch

*   Sneakers

*   Thongs for the shower

*   Pillowcase and pillow

*   Sleeping bag

*   Foam under mat or gym/yoga mat

*   Insect repellent

*   Sunscreen

*   Toiletries including a small soap,

     toothbrush and toothpaste.

*   Deodorant (no aerosols)

*   Feminine hygiene products (if


*   Raincoat or wet weather jacket

*   Elastic band to tie hair back for

     Science experiments and activities

*   2 plastic bags for dirty/wet clothes



Items that cannot be at the Camp

The Trinity Day Zero Camp does NOT allow campers or leaders to bring any of the following items:


Mobile phones, watches that connect to the internet, iPods, radios, CD players, computer games, hair dryers, hair straighteners, energy drinks, junk food, lollies, chewing gum, jewelry, weapons or toys that look like weapons.


Campers and leaders are not required to bring money and will not be permitted to use the College phone, except in an emergency and only with teacher permission.