09. Billy Cart Relay

The idea was that students were venturing out in their escape vehicles to see if they could find other groups of survivors - a survival search and rescue.  Students in their groups of 10 (1 billy cart per team) were set a challenge to find locations based on clues and head to them.  The first 2 teams were then to use another clue to find the second group waiting for them (heading off in different directions around the school.  The team needed to deal with a challenge along the way, and collect handy materials that would be used in the poll challenge.  The first teams would then meet up with the waiting second teams, and as a combined group, they would then follow a clue to find the waiting third teams (again with a challenge, and more handy materials along the way).  It continued until each group had now found the other survivors, and now there were 2 groups of 50 survivors, who would meet up on the grassed area beneath the pool to drop off all of their found supplies.

The challenges/materials:

  • A bucket that they needed to fill with water and carry on the billy cart (or with them somehow) for the remainder of the journey.
  • Some pool noodles (bulky and tricky in the wind, but maybe handy for survival later on) that they needed to carry for the remainder of the journey.
  • Some rope, and a message that one of the carts had broken down, and now had to be towed by another cart for the remainder of the journey.
  • A tarp, and a message that one of their team had slipped into an icy lake, and needed to be wrapped up for the remainder of the journey.
  • A first aid kit (fake) with bandages, and a message that 3 of the team had been injured, and needed to be bandaged, and couldn't walk for the remainder of the journey.
Another option/instruction depending on the terrain - if too steep, that the cart had to be carried down/up the steep slopes.

Once the teams reached the pool area and dropped off the materials they had found (especially the buckets, rope, tarps and pool noodles, they would have a relay race, with each student getting a turn to ride and push the billy carts.

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